How a <a href=""><img src="" alt="christiancupid" /></a> Fake Beard could possibly get You employed on the web - Javier Sanz recently decided their oDesk profile pic required a fake beard

ODesk is an on-line marketplace where you will find short-term or freelance work that can be done from your home, with projects which range from website design to computer software development to information entry. You develop an online profile that details who you really are together with work you have done, as well as the web web web site helps match you using the right short-term gig, permitting you to contact employers – and allowing them to contact you.

Although he not any longer utilizes oDesk, Sanz has invested a good period of time looking for work with your website, and also this previous autumn, he went only a little test, Photoshopping a beard into their profile photo.